Pay Once. Use Forever.

BHL Boresight Lifetime License


The Question:

Why Spend 5 Figures Every Year for Less Proven Geosteering Software When You Can Spend Just $1,500 Once for a Lifetime License of the Most Accurate Geosteering Software on the Planet?

In these crazy economic times, staying in zone has never been more important. And yet, spending 4-5 figures per year for a geosteering software license has never seemed more outrageous (or out of the question).

But help has arrived.

You can now use BHL Boresight for life for just $1,500 per license—one time.

How can we afford to do this? It’s simple—we recovered our development costs some time ago and we don’t have to pay for a balance sheet full of sales professionals, promotional efforts, remote offices, etc.

That means you get the software you need at the price you can afford.

And yes, that’s the same time-tested, unprecedentedly accurate geosteering software that has been used to steer more than 50 million feet of curve and lateral—for a one-time cost of $1,500 per license.

And The Best Part?
There’s No Need to Wait.

The Details


Will I have to pay maintenance fees?

No. No maintenance fees, only the one-time $1,500.00 payment.


Do I have to purchase a new license?

Yes. Present and past licensees will need to execute a new license that supersedes the old one.


Can consultants purchase a license?

Yes. Everyone, including consultants, is equally invited to take advantage of this opportunity.


Is there a limitation on how many computers, users, or wells per license?

No! As long as the software is used according to the license terms by the licensee’s employees or consultants, you can load it and use it as you wish.

Is this a stripped down version of Boresight?

No. This is full-function Boresight, including its patented Completion Planner module.


What about security?

These licenses are to be secured-enabled by physical USB security dongles


What if my bitlock is damaged?

Damaged bitlocks returned to BHL will be replaced for $250 each.


Will I have access to support?

Yes. Live and truly knowledgeable support is still provided, but not necessarily with the traditional response-within-an-hour timeliness. Similarly, BHL will provide online training, but will not commit to traveling to licensees’ offices at our expense for training.

Lifetime Access to the World’s Most Accurate Geosteering Software Starts With A Phone Call.