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If you need to fill in some blanks in your geosteering knowledge, refresh your skillset, or learn it correctly from the start, BHL’s Raymond Woodward is presenting a two-day course under auspices of the petroleum industry’s premier training-consulting company, Subsurface Consultants & Associates.

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More Efficient. More Accurate. More Successful.

BHL Companies offers our clients world class state-of-the-art geosteering software with the geologic consulting experience to back it up and support around the clock. Serving clients worldwide, we have the tools you need no matter the terrain.

Get in Zone. Stay in Zone. We can help.

Technology that helps you see what you’ve been missing

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10,000 feet below the ground. Your Zone is 10 ft. Our accuracy equals industry standards.


24/7 support when and where you need it. No time to waste with dollars on the line.


More time in zone means more money in your pocket. Better success. Better overall results.


Put our experience to work for you. BHL Software is developed using 100+ years of combined experience.


Our clean, get-to-the-point software makes getting what you need quick and easy.



Highly recommended. Boresight is used in more than 1/2 of the wells in Texas and 1/3 nationwide.

I recommend BHL Boresight to every operator seeking geosteering solutions at any stage.


Geologists Doing Geology.


All Day. Everyday.

We’re ready when you need us.


No Set Limit.

We will stay with you for as long as you need us.


Actual Geologists.

Guys like you helping guys like you.



Committed to your success and satisfaction.

“I rely on BHL Consulting both for total geosteering guidance and second opinion consultation on jobs that cannot fail.”


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