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Boresight Geosteering Software

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Geosteering Software

Boresight Geosteering Software

Raising the bar since 2004

When the clock is ticking and the drill bit is turning, you need underground eyes. Accurate results. You need to know where you’re going. So, we developed world-class geosteering technology that makes horizontal drilling more efficient and more dependable. And best of all – with proven success.

In fact, we hit the ground running in 2004 and we have been pushing forward ever since. Constantly listening to clients. Always innovating. It’s who we are because it’s what you need.

We aren’t just software developers. We know the stress created by uncertainty. Because we’ve been there. Boresight was built by people like you for people like you.

Why Geologists Trust BHL Boresight

Maximized In-Zone Percentage

Boresight gives the geosteering professional the tools he needs to keep the rig in target.

Decreased Decision Cycle Time

Get what you need. Fast & Accurate. Our software helps you generate highly quantified results.

Increased Project Bottom Line

More time in the target zone means more money in your pocket when the job is done.
World-class technology with you at every step


Fully understand earlier horizontal wells with BORESIGHT. Refine target definitions and identify geohazards. Then export those results to use as a road map for the next well.


We have the luxury of continuous forward advancement because we worked out the basics long ago. And it’s still driven by people who steer wells for a living. No other dedicated geosteering software comes close to the BHL track record and market acceptance.


BORESIGHT can load, display and use every thread of data out of your horizontal well, plus virtualize type well data under your lateral with foot-by-foot precision. Understand the rocks that you’re about to frac, then use our Completion Planner module for a fast, flexible, interactive, completion design process.


BORESIGHT’s Completion Planner can import and display completions of any sort… after the fact. Analyze it in view of the geology. Compare Plan vs. Actual. Find the variables that dominate frac behavior and production results.
We are a long term user of the BHL Boresight software. In our drilling programs, we rely upon its simplicity and dependability to help us to stay “in target” in our laterals. As result, we save drilling capital and ultimately achieve better NPV results. And we have a track record to back this up, on both the cost side and the NPV upside.

Asset Manager/Chief Geologist, Mid-Cap U.S. Private PE-Backed Independent

At our company, BHL Boresight is considered mandatory for successful drilling operations.

VP of GeoSciences

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